Congratulation to Annmarie Emmet!

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke presented the “History, Heroes, and Hope Award” to two distinguished, longtime National Mall volunteers. Secretary Zinke has demonstrated a lifelong appreciation for conserving America’s natural beauty and is a champion of conservation and smart management of federal lands.
History, Heroes and Hope Award
The Trust for the National Mall developed the “History, Heroes, and Hope Award” in 2014 to honor an individual, corporation or organization that embodies the visionary spirit and courage exemplified on the National Mall. This year the Trust selected two individuals who have made a significant contribution to the National Mall as longtime Volunteers-In-Parks participants.
Annmarie Emmet has been a volunteer since 1987. Annmarie has amassed well over 18,000 hours and has no plans of stopping any time soon. She has tirelessly climbed ladders and made thousands of rubbings of names for visitors who wish to have a keepsake of their visits to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

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