Sunday Game Plan Videos

Below are links to 5 videos – the first is from our new series, Sunday Game Plan, then the latest from Fr. Bill Byrne’s 5 Things, a new video contest for middle and high school students, a video about one of our priests on the way to Sainthood, and lastly a message from Bishop Dorsonville about the V (5th) Encuentro.


Please take some time to watch and share these videos.  I am finding many people throughout our archdiocese who still do not know about our YouTube channel, WashArchdiocese, so if you would, please share these videos and our channel with your friends and family.  And if you are not subscribed, please click this link to easily subscribe today!


*NEW SERIES!* Sunday Game Plan | 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time:


The 5 Delightful Mysteries of the Rosary:


Love Saves Lives | Pro-Life Video Contest:


Venerable Aloysius Schwartz Mass:


V Encuentro | Obispo Mario Dorsonville:

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