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January 2018 issue of GEMS

Often adults express their feeling that they don’t know enough about their faith.   They are hesitant to talk about their faith; they shy away from participating in adult faith formation because they fear not knowing as much as the others; they are insecure in their ability to share faith and pass on faith to others.


 How might we:

·       respect the experiences – the God experiences – already in their lives?

·       respectfully provide opportunities for them to reflect on how much they already “know,” how much they have already experienced?

·       empower them to share their faith experiences with others?

·       nudge them to continuing growth?


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Some adult faith formation resources you might want to use in the coming year:

·       The Best Is Yet To Be: A Retreat for Older Adults:

·       Radiate Christ: A Lenten Retreat Kit:

·       The Creed:


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