Renovation of our Parish Hall

Update on the long process of getting a renovation permit for the hall 

“I have applied and paid for the flow test that will be conducted by DC Water. I do not have a date but their findings directly impact the determined adequacy of the existing water service as it relates to the automatic fire suppression system in the hall. Our original plan was to tie into the existing suppression system but this is now in question. JAS Engineering is preparing the site plan changes required by the public space reviewer. It makes sense to include any required work that might be necessitated by an upgrade to the water service but we don't have an answer to this yet and will not have it until the results of the flow test are in. Again, I apologize for the incredible delay in this Byzantine process. I have relied upon the past expertise of our permit expediter. This latest complication though would not be in the process of resolution if not for the involvement of the Civil Engineer. I have asked him for a time frame so that I might be able to give you some idea as to a schedule.” May 12, 2017  -  Thomas Reinecker




Current State of the Permit Process for the Renovation of our Parish Hall

DCRA Process (B#1506270): Pending on DCRA to complete their pre-screening review. When we pass the pre-screening review our project will go forward thru the re-review process.

DDOT Construction Permit Process (#202809): Waiting on DDOT to make a determination if this project will be review in house or it will have to go thru the public space committee. When we receive a feedback on how DDOT will approach this project.

DDOT Occupancy Permit Process: This permit will be submitted for review until we have obtain 95% of the approval on the DDOT construction permit. 

DC Water: We submitted to this division documents for review and pending on a feedback.

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