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Rarely do we have an opportunity to do so much for so long a time for so little. Father George Daniel of St. Paul’s Parish in Lahore, Pakistan recently visited us and will be returning each year.  His parish of 1600 families, includes many students too destitute to afford an education. This condemns them and their families to continued subsistence living. The Christians in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are among the world’s poorest and most discriminated against.

For twenty dollars a month you can  provide a technical education to a  student which will lift him and his family from destitution. The Salesian Fathers, the religious community to which our own Father Ledesma belongs, runs the school, the Don Bosco Technical Institute. Employers come to the Institute at the end of the two year training program to directly hire their students ! It’s life transforming in a society where Christians are typically either unemployed or perform the lowest paying tasks.

If you wish to sponsor a student, Father Daniel will make sure you learn  something about the student, probably receive a picture and periodic updates. We have established a separate  account, the St. Stephen Martyr Scholarship Fund, to provide the help these young people need. You can write a check to the Fund, provide cash ; or on the memo line of your offertory check  simply write , for example “ SSM Fund $20”. 

There are also many children whose families cannot afford elementary education ($6 a month) or junior high education ($10 a month). Memo line e.g. “SSM Fund $6”.

According to the custom of the Church in Pakistan, Father Daniel spends a great deal of time visiting homes. Every two hundred families are assisted by a trained catechist. So you can be sure that the student or students you help are well known to the pastoral staff. Are you able and willing to make a difference? If so, start as soon as you wish. I’ve  already made my contribution and will continue to do so.

Pakistan Scholarship Fund 

A  worshiper at Masson July 2nd, visiting from Texas, heard us speak of the need to help provide a life changing education to impoverished Christian youth in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This week he generously sent a check for $960 to pay for the two year training program for two students at the Saint Don Bosco Technical Institute in Lahore. So far our Pakistani Scholarship Fund has raised $18,077.


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