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Visit the Crystal Room at Foggy Bottom

The Crystal Room is now open for our use. Come down after Mass to inspect it. We are providing hospitality after the 9 Am and 11 AM Masses, and we are willing to provide hospitality after any Mass which provides volunteers. Over $16,000 in kitchen equipment will be delivered soon. Our renovation includes the Crystal Room ; the Caterer’s Prep area-  which will soon include a commercial refrigerator, and commercial freezer, a convection oven, two wine coolers, and stainless steel tables, as well as a double stainless steel sink and disposal;  a cloak room, storage areas – for  El Shaddai, chairs, tables; and a kitchen which will include a new stove, a refrigerator, an ice maker and a griddle; as well as a new Ladies’ Room, Men’s Room and maintenance closet. A substantial amount of new shelving is also coming.


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