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El Shaddai

The El Shaddai Catholic Charismatic Group of St. Stephen was organized in 1998 by Rosy “Pinky” Lopez together with her brother and sisters. It has started with only few members with Pinky Lopez as the Servant Leader of the group. Initially, prayer meetings and fellowship gatherings were held at different places including different churches, parks, apartments until finally the number of its members has increased and found St. Stephen as the permanent home base. Members come and go, but the group has now 150 regular adult members excluding their children. The group regularly holds their prayer and worship meeting every Sunday at 2:30pm at the Parish Hall, St. Stephen Parish Church. The group is presently headed by its General Coordinator, Bro. Ernie Ragunton; Spiritual Advise, Rev. Fr. Andy Gonzalo; and Spiritual Director, Rev. Monsignor Paul Langsfeld.

VISION: With Jesus Christ as the center of our lives, we envisioned El Shaddai Catholic Charismatic Group as a prayer community: nourished by the word of God and sacraments; obedient to the will of God and the Church Magisterium; devoted in worship, prayer and in renewing the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit; dedicated to serve the needs of the members and others.

MISSION: We commit ourselves towards: strengthening the fellowship among members; developing the liturgical and prayer life of the community; responding appropriately to the needs of members and others; teaching towards deepening our knowledge of God’s word and Christian faith; leading and fostering life in accordance with the values of God’s kingdom as testimony of discipleship.

THE EL SHADDAI CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC CHOIR: The members of the El Shaddai Catholic Charismatic Group formed a choir to sing devotional Praise and Worship style music during the 1:00pm Mass every Sunday. With ardent dedication, they lend their voices to several parish celebrations throughout the year. The Music Ministry is currently headed by Bro. Johnny Panlaqui who is also the music instructor and organist. For more information about the choir, please contact the General Coordinator, Bro. Ernie Ragunton at 301-273-5276, or speak to any member of the group in person after the Mass.


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